Mainaldo Maneschi

Mainaldo Maneschi, brillante ingegnere meccanico presso la Philip Morris, se ne è andato all’eta di soli 29 anni vittima del terribile sarcoma di Ewing.

Atleta competitivo in tutte le discipline sportive in cui ha militato, è stato un provetto velista prendendo parte sin dalla più giovane età a regate nelle principali categorie propedeutiche: Optimist, 420 e altre.

E’ stato il piu giovane partecipante alla regata internazionale Palermo-Montecarlo da lui più volte disputata. Ma ciò in cui si è soprattutto distinto è stato nel campo delle competizioni motoristiche.

Mainaldo malgrado la sua giovane età ha preso parte a numerosissime competizioni e per più di 15 volte a endurance kartistiche della durata di 24h, disputate in Italia, USA, Spagna, Francia, Inghilterra, sempre con ottimi risultati cronometrici.

Quando ci ha lasciato, nel 2022, era avviato ad una altrettanto brillante carriera nel mondo delle auto da corsa. Per ricordarlo abbiamo pensato non ci potesse essere miglior cosa che dedicargli una delle sue amatissime gare di endurance karting abbinata alla possibilità di aiutare la ricerca sul sarcoma di Ewing sovvenzionando la ricerca per sconfiggere questa spietata malattia.

Mainaldo Maneschi, a brilliant mechanical engineer at Phillip Morris, passed away at the young age of 29, victim of the dreadful Ewing Sarcoma.

He was a competitive and incredibly successful athlete in all sports in which he played. He was a skilled sailor that took part in the main preparatory category regattas from an early age: Optimist, 420, amongst others.

In fact, he was the youngest participant in the international Palermo-Montecarlo regatta, in which he partook on numerous occasions. Above all, he particularly stood out in the field of motor racing.

Despite his young age, he took part in numerous competitions, on more than 15 times in karting endurances that lasted 24 hours around the globe with outstanding chronometric results (USA, Spain, France, England, and of course, Italy).

When he left us in 2022, he was paving his road to an equally brilliant career in the world of racing cars. To remember and honor him, we thought there was no better way than dedicating one of his beloved endurance karting races to his memory and combine it with the possibility of helping further research into Ewing’s Sarcoma by funding research to defeat this ruthless disease. Mai was a friend, team player, and leader like no other who has left a permanent mark in every heart he knew. The hole he left will be impossible to ever replace and will be forevermore missed by everyone who was lucky to know him.

Join us on May 13-14, 2023 on the remembrance of our Warrior, Mainaldo, and to help end the fight with Ewing’s Sarcoma for others.

Mainaldo Maneschi, 29 years old, was a mechanical engineer at Philip Morris International.

His competitive character brought him closer to sports and, among the many, his absolute favorites were sailing and karting.

He participated in many of the mains national regattas in the Optimist and 420 categories and he has been the youngest participant to ever partake in the international Palermo-Monte Carlo regatta.

 As for karting, he competed, with excellent chronometric results, in more than 15 24h-races among Italy, the USA, Spain, France, and England.

Unfortunately, Mainaldo left us in July 2022, and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor his life than organizing an endurance karting race in his name  that could also support the research of Ewing sarcoma by funding the studies in this field.

The event will be sponsored through a website specifically designed for the race and  through social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Sponsors will be displayed both through these channels (websites, social media) and on the spot via banners. The race will take place on the International karting track of Triscina, a very well-known track for national and International kart drivers (

The race will be divided into free practice, qualifying, and an 8-hours race.

There will be two categories depending on the level of experience of the participating teams.

The first one, for the experts, will be carried out with 390cc go-karts and with freer rules, therefore, the philosophy of this race will be: the more time spent on track the better.

The box will have to be used only for fueling and  kart and driver change.

The second category is called “gentlemen” and it will be dedicated drivers with less experience who still want to taste the experience of a go-karting race.

The latter will race with 270cc go-karts and the rules will be drawn up to level all the participating teams. We’ll see you in Triscina on the 13th and 14th of May, 2023!